Madagascar, where it all begins

We discovered Madagascar through the work of Laure, who joined a team of volunteer architects to build a solidarity hotel in Tananarive: the Hostel du Père Pedro.

The project began in 2017, continued against all odds during the Covid years remotely. The team of French architects and decorators was finally able to see the construction site completed in 2022, then attend its opening in 2023.

Village in Madagascar - Intimani Ethnic Chic
The colorful houses in Akamasoa, the community in which the Hostel was built.
Visit Madagascar - Intimani Ethnic Chic
Pre site visit with Father Pedro himself.
The Hostel
We therefore discover all the objects that can furnish and decorate this tourist place like no other.
The lounge
Family room

Madagascar: Exceptional craftsmanship

In Madagascar, many women work as artisans to provide for their families or themselves.

This beautiful country is one of the poorest in the world, the post-colonialist era, corruption and terrible climatic hazards between cyclones in the north and drought in the south reinforce the poverty of its inhabitants.

The artisans are fascinating to observe, talented, fast, precise, meticulous. Malagasy craftsmanship is renowned for its high quality know-how. There we find embroidery, crochet and weaving of plant fibers, making of cashmere, wool, etc.

Embroidery work.

Making cushion covers.

Marie Alix W