Our first trip to Madagascar took place in Tananarive, the capital.

This city located in the center of the Island experiences strong periods of typhoons and rain.

There are rice fields on the outskirts of the city, which overflow with water after the rainy season.

In March 2022, Madagascar has just re-opened its borders. We go through multiple tests and questionnaires at customs when we get off the plane at 1am. Then we arrive at our hotel at 4 a.m. after having passed all the checks, and we remain in quarantine while waiting for the results of PCR tests carried out at the airport.

After a day locked in our rooms waiting for the PCR test results, we are released and enjoy the end of the day in the open air!

When the sun comes out, it's happiness and it brings out the dazzling colors that surround us, the neon green of the lush vegetation and the colorful hues of the few pretty, opulent houses.

Here I am in front of the workshop of one of our suppliers in Tana, between palm trees and pomegranate trees.

The team & Akamasoa

We are Laure and I with the team of architects and decorators who have come to see the construction site of the Hostel du Père Pedro on which they have been working for several years.

The site is at the top of the village of Akamasoa, in Tana.

here the team goes to the hotel management school, which trains young people from Akamasoa for hotel careers. The Hostel will allow them to have a first outlet.

Lunch with the Hostel's project managers, at the Akamasoa guest house

Our stay in Akamasoa

There were 4 of us living in the guest house, protected by gates, where we were locked from the inside and outside from dusk (6 p.m.) for security reasons. It makes a strange impression!

But we really appreciated the welcome from Father Pedro and his team, the good organization of the village and its multiple infrastructures and colorful houses. The father built everything from scratch and everything is well thought out and organized.

Typical tree of Tana which spreads its delicate branches and leaves to protect from the sun or rain.

Sunday mass

Sunday mass is the event of the week, it is a real show that the children prepare alongside their education at school.

Here they are before entering the stage for this moving ceremony, two hours of songs and collected, intense and joyful celebration which welcomes all those who want to come.

It is also a great moment for the families who come dressed in their Sunday best to listen to the preaching of the charismatic Father Pedro and the cheerful songs of the children. It's impossible not to get caught up in the emotion of the moment, whatever your religion.

Marie Alix W