An emblematic palm tree of the Island

Raffia grows in the marshy regions of Madagascar, it is a palm known for having the longest leaves of the flora. Fibers are extracted from its leaves, which will then be dried and dyed.

This plant being composed of 40% water, a long drying is necessary to obtain a supple, beige-colored fiber. The raffia can then be dyed in a wide variety of colors and is used as a tie, or else braided.

Extraction of raffia fiber.

It can also be woven on a traditional loom. Whatever happens, production remains artisanal.

Dyeing & drying

The artisans imagine their colors, mix pigments with water, and immerse the raffia in vats to tint it.

It is then left to dry in the open air.
It can be stored in rice bags

A wide range of colors, from organic tones to more vibrant tones

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