Pop-up store en avril

Pop-up store in Paris from April 23 to 27, 2024

En avril, nous avons posé nos valises et nos articles de déco dans une boutique avenue Kléber. 

L'occasion de vous rencontrer et de découvrir de magnifiques marques avec qui nous avons passé la semaine ! 

Lumière sur l'association Rouge Beauté

Light on the Rouge Beauté association

Discover the Rouge Beauté Association which supports artisans and which we support through our purchases and a donation from our company.
Comment entretenir son tapis en raphia ?

How to maintain your raffia rug?

Here are some tips for keeping your carpet in perfect condition for as long as possible! Where to place it, is it resistant to sun, humidity and what to do in case of a stain!
Inauguration de l'Hostel à Tananarive - avril 2023

Inauguration of the Hostel in Antananarivo - April 2023

In April 2023, we traveled to Madagascar again. Part of this trip was devoted to the finalization and inauguration of the Father Pedro Solidarity Hostel, on which Laure worked as an interior designer on a voluntary basis.
L'Atelier des sacs à Tananarive

The bag workshop in Tananarive

Our pretty handbags with their inimitable style and so well finished down to the smallest detail don't come from just anywhere! We take you behind the scenes of creation, to Dominique's workshop.

Akamasoa, les Bons Amis & le Père Pedro

Akamasoa, the Good Friends & Father Pedro

This is the name of the association founded by Father Pedro 30 years ago, which is Les Bons Amis in Malagasy.
Pourquoi Madagascar ?

Why Madagascar?

We discovered Madagascar through the work of Laure, who joined a team of volunteer architects to build a solidarity hotel in Tananarive: the Hostel du Père Pedro.
#Carnet de voyage - Mars 2022

#Travel diary - March 2022

Tananarive is located in the north east of the island and experiences strong periods of typhoons and rain. Rice is grown there, thanks to the island's emblematic animal, the zebu.

Fabrication d'articles en raphia naturel


Raffia grows in the marshy regions of Madagascar, it is a palm known for having the longest leaves of the flora. Fibers are extracted from its leaves, which will then be dried and dyed.
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Le satrana : autres plantes, autres possibilités

Satrana: other plants, other possibilities

It is another type of palm typical of Madagascar, which can be used to make a multitude of objects. The result is smoother and shinier than raffia. The natural color is between light gray and off-white. It may have some green undertones. This fiber dyes a little less than raffia, due to its smooth appearance which absorbs less color.
Tapis ronds en raphia de Madagascar

Round rugs

Why are our rugs round ?

Because it is beautiful, soft, round, etc... It is also linked to the manufacturing technique of these exceptional raffia rugs.