Discover the Rouge Beauté Association which supports artisans and which we support through our purchases and a corporate donation.
The objective of this association is the financial, intellectual and physical autonomy of women through creativity and training.
Rouge Beauté is quite a story!
- An association created in 2008 by Rosemarie Martin and her friends is established in 3 locations in Madagascar: Mahajanga, Fianarantsoa, ​​Sainte-Marie. 184 women work there as artisans. Each town has its specialty, based on the plants found locally.
Mahajanga is raffia and satrana,
Sainte Marie the Punjab, and Fianarantsoa the rush and sisal.
- The association helps them to be independent, through income and through various training: literacy, IT, management, photography, exchange of knowledge and creativity.
- Rouge Beauté also takes care of the health of artisans and their families. They contribute to a health solidarity fund and have their health and that of their children monitored at the dispensary. What seems automatic to us in France is far from being automatic there. There is also a children's center and tuition assistance.
Our donation will contribute to the En Avant Les Filles program, which supports 16 young girls through school fees, transportation, and their equipment.
Finally, the association works in Madagascar and is hosted in France under the 1901 law status, which allows tax-free corporate donations.
So if you’re looking for an association to support, think about Rouge Beauté!
Every little helps!
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photo credit: Rouge Beauté and Marie Alix
Marie Alix W