You have in your hands, and especially under your feet, a unique and artisanal piece, the manufacture of which took between two and three weeks.

The dyes were made by the artisans, each of them choosing their model and colors. There are very colorful rugs, others where natural raffia has been woven with a few touches of more sober colors.

Here are some tips for keeping your carpet in perfect condition for as long as possible!

Where to place them??
  • Outdoors: yes but to be limited!

Do not leave your rug in direct sunlight : the colors could fade.

Of course, your carpet won't like the rain! So OK for a few days on a terrace, but its real place is inside.

We do not hesitate to return it once a year , so that both sides have the same evolution over time.

  • If you decide to put one in a bathroom, it cannot replace a bath mat and become waterlogged.

It doesn't need too much humidity , which could cause it to go moldy in the long run.
  • In an entrance?

Yes, but note that the lighter your carpet, the more sensitive it will be to foot traffic, especially with slightly dirty shoes. It will patina more quickly and may get dirty.

  • Under a table?

Your rug will look great under a dining room table, but be careful with the repeated movements of chair legs on the raffia fiber. You can put a felt pad under the chair legs, and lift the chairs when you sit down!

Most recommended: in a bedroom, in a living room!

How to clean your carpet if there is a stain?

  • Clean your carpet with a slightly damp cloth by dabbing. Do not rub.

You can then use a dry cloth to absorb the excess water.
  • These rugs are made of a large braid, and sometimes like in a braid of hair, small threads can stick out.

They can then be cut flush with a pair of scissors.

Watch out for animals that could pull on the wires! You can also cut the pulled thread with scissors.

Marie Alix W