We first landed in Madagascar in 2022, and were lucky to arrive in a place that gives hope, full of life and fervor.
It is a community that has become a village in the heart of the Malagasy capital.
This is the name of the association founded by Father Pedro 30 years ago, which is Les Bons Amis in Malagasy.
Father Pedro Opeka, of Slovenian origin and born in Argentina, had done his seminary in Paris then arrived for an internship (my ex-employee side comes out) in Madagascar.
Struck by the intensity of what he saw there, he felt his mission taking shape there.
His inacceptance of poverty and the unworthy condition of the poorest people near the dump pushed him to create Akamasoa.
A mason trained by his father, he teaches those he helps to build houses and paved streets. He creates a village which becomes structured as it grows, constantly joined by the cohort of the world's forgotten people.
Nearly 500,000 people have been supported, and the association still houses a community of 25,000 people.
Akamasoa is not just houses, but a town with schools, a maternity ward, a cemetery, and universities for students to pursue higher education. In particular, they have access to training in hospitality and catering.
We must provide work to the inhabitants of Akamasoa.
Those who join the Association commit through a charter to work and send their children to school.
Father Pedro is an energetic, extraordinary, inspiring and very charismatic person.
His work has spread and is followed by many people.
It was one of his supporters and a French friend who offered to help him create his solidarity hotel.

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Here's how to support Akamasoa:

Akamasoa | Friends of Father Pedro (perepedro.fr)

First time in Mada / Tana / Akamasoa - we don't go unnoticed.

Little colorful houses!

Sunday mass is an unimaginable spectacle for which everyone prepares during the week, and would break the heart of the most anti-clerical.

The smileiest children in the world!

Marie Alix W