Our pretty handbags with their inimitable style and so well finished down to the smallest detail don't come from just anywhere! We take you behind the scenes of creation, to Dominique's workshop.

Dominique who was almost born in Madagascar, she arrived there when she was a baby. She knows Madagascar, Tana and the local culture like the back of her hand.

She had ten lives in one, which is unlike anyone we meet there.

After working extensively with fashion brands, she created her own workshop and had her models made by around ten artisans in a light and bright building near her house, in the heart of a beautiful tropical garden.

There are also beautiful stocks of raffia of all colors:

The artisans crochet raffia pieces, which they then assemble together by sewing them and adding a zebu horn chain.

We also make pouches with pompoms, and Dom bags with another stitch, the scale stitch with its small portions of multicolored raffia.

It takes 5 days to crochet and assemble a handbag.

Marie Alix W