Why are our rugs round?

Because it is beautiful, soft, round, etc... It is also linked to the manufacturing technique of these exceptional raffia rugs.

These items with joyful and unimaginable colors are hand-woven by the artisans of an association in the northwest of Madagascar, in Mahajanga.

Each piece is unique! No two are ever the same.

For what ? Since each craftswoman imagines her rug and the colors that will make it up.

They make the colors by dyeing the raffia fibers themselves. They then create a long braid, which they continue by adding strands of raffia and wrapping the braid on itself as they go.

This is why the rugs are round.

It takes 3 weeks to make a carpet 2 meters in diameter.

Purchase of raffia



Braiding the rug

The braid stuck between the toes then rolled up!
Work in progress


The rounds of raffia braid are sewn to each other.

Photo shoot

The rugs produced are presented at a meeting every Monday, and immortalized with their author.

Marie Alix W