Iron frame & raffia lace - Sylvia

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Natural Material


Unique and authentic work created by Sylvia over 5 days. Entirely embroidered and assembled by hand like lace, this creation represents a natural raffia plant decoration in beige tones.

This embossed raffia lace is suspended on almost invisible nylon threads stretched between the sides of a black iron frame.

This meticulous work reveals a refined work, original because it allows you to see through its arabesques of leaves and stems, easy to live with because its tones of beige and black blend easily with any type of decor.

Also note that this light frame is very easy to install, even on a small nail.

Why we love it: This creation is light as a spider's web, has a lot of style and is truly original in the way it allows a glimpse of the background on which it is placed. We love the pattern of embossed leaves and stems.